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Our technicians have the experience to go with their skills, with a firm handle on the mechanics of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They’re committed to maintaining your ducts and dryers, ultimately making good on their mission to make living comfier and healthier for families.

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Do you need a professional cleaning service? Are you in search of the best cleaning service? You can find it in Houston, TX? Do you want excellent client service with great customer support on the clock? If yes, then you need to get in touch with us at Clean Air Pro. We are waiting for you, and we are ready to provide you with an excellent service.

who are we?

If you are in search of quality cleaning services that are pocket-friendly and ensure to give you a great experience and improve the quality of your surrounding in respect to cleanliness, then we are the brand that does it best.

At Clean Air Pro, we have built a reputation for ourselves over the years that shows how we take our cleaning services and ensure them for great customer satisfaction. We have been in the business of providing our customers with clean air, as we understand the importance of providing a healthy environment rid of sickness inflicting microorganisms or bacteria. In making this possible, we understand that following up with the best practices is a way to provide clean air services for our customers, so we employ industry-standard rules.

Why Choose Us?

Since technology plays an active role in our world’s evolution, we have also been an active player in implementing tech into our cleaning. Most of our equipment is the latest innovation possible to make our job easier and your environment safer. To adequately handle this equipment and provide you with great service, our technicians are trained extensively to enable them to get a better understanding of providing only the best. With these inept skills and an extensive understanding of cleaning, we at Clean Air Pro pride ourselves in being the best Houston has to offer.

Outside of providing cleaning services to most homes and businesses, at Clean Air Pro, we are also providing the sale and installation of air cleaning devices and repair of chimneys and air ducts. We are always on the clock as we provide our customers with affordable pricing, which is very competitive. We understand that cleaning isn’t an easy job, so we also have a team on the ground that can help you undertake your cleaning needs perfectly.  Our staff and technicians have all been vetted to assure your safety and would only come to your home or business place dressed in a work uniform and welding an identification card.

To better understand how our services work and what we offer, you can also reach out to us and speak with one of our representatives who will give you a brief on our services and a price quote. At Clean Air Pro, we understand the need for quality customer support to all our customers, so if you need to get more information on our services, call us on (832) 694-1222 or send a mail with your details to info@cleanairprotx.com.