Blower Motor Cleaning

Blower Motor Cleaning Houston

The blower motor is one of the most crucial moving pieces in your air conditioning system. Clean Air Pro recommends that you have your blower motor cleaning once a year to ensure that your machine performs at its best.

When those scorching days finally arrive and you crank on your air conditioner, you want cool air, not stale, recycled air, to blast through your vents. Not only do homes and business owners benefit from Clean Air Pro’s services. If your air conditioning breaks down on a hot day, your clients are likely to seek out another establishment where they can be comfortable.

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What does a blower motor do?

The blower motor is made up of various components, including the motor, shaft, fins, and housing. These components are responsible for blowing hot air out of your house and bringing cool air in. You’re left with nothing but air without your blower motor.

However, all of the motor’s components become filthy. The fins acquire dust and are unable to blow as much air as they once could. The shaft becomes dusty and difficult to turn, putting additional strain on the motor. Your air conditioner will have to work more, resulting in lower efficiency and increased energy bills. It also causes extreme wear and tear on the equipment, thus shortening the life of your machine.

Why do you need a blower motor cleaning service?

Cleaning and maintaining blower motors on a regular basis not only enhances the life of the equipment but also lowers operating costs, downtime costs, and troubleshooting costs. Because the problems are identified early on, it helps to reduce the majority of these costs.

We at Clean Air Pro Services start by dismantling your blower motor before cleaning it. To completely clean a blower motor, you must be able to reach into all nooks. We clean it up with a brush, then hose it down and apply a foaming cleanser to all of the pieces. We let it sit for a while, then agitated it before rinsing away all of the cleaner and grime.

Don’t feel confident cleaning and maintaining your blower motor on your own? Then contact Clean Air Pro Services at (832) 694-122, send an email to, or chat with a representative. Our team is here to assist you!

Why choose us?

You’ll notice an improvement in your house once your blower motor is clean and working again. Your house will cool down faster since the airstream entering through your vents will be stronger. Your air will also be cleaner because your blower motor will no longer blast dusty air throughout your home. Cold and allergy symptoms will be reduced. Clean the blower motor on your residential or business air conditioner now by calling Clean Air Pro Services. You’ll be glad you took the time to do so.

Combine our blower motor cleaning service with our A/C coil cleaning service for the cleanest air. Clean Air Pro Services ensures that all of your A/critical C’s components are clean and in good working condition.

Clean Air Pro Services provides high-quality air purification services at a reasonable cost. Our top goal is your contentment, and we believe in giving you greater value for your money. We strive to offer you the most competitive air cleaning pricing while preserving high service standards. Contact us at (832) 694-1222 or for more information on how to enhance the air quality in your Houston, TX home or office.