Condenser Cleaning

Condenser Cleaning Houston

If you’re responsible for the upkeep of a central air conditioning system, condenser cleaning is something you should consider. The condenser is located outside because it takes warm air out of your home and into the outdoors. If the condenser is dusty, it will not function properly. The gap in your monthly energy cost shows up when it needs to work harder.

Keeping the Condenser Clean

You don’t need to include condenser cleaning in your daily cleaning routine. Even if you live in a hot area, it only requires a complete cleaning from Clean Air Pro once or twice a year. Do you want to hire us? For additional information, call (832) 694-1222 or send an email to

Covering the condenser unit during months when you aren’t using it is one of the greatest ways to avoid having to clean it more than twice a year. Snow, ice melt, salt, and other potentially dangerous particles will be kept out. Before you cover it, give us a call at (832) 694-1222 to have it cleaned.

If your air conditioner doesn’t come with a custom-fit cover, cover it with plastic sheeting and secure it with a bungee cord. Just remember to turn the unit back on before removing the cover in the spring.

Cleaning your condenser does not guarantee that your unit will run more efficiently. A separate issue, such as a Freon leak, can sometimes create inefficiencies. Which we would readily recognize?

Condenser Cleaning Process

There are two types of coils in your central air conditioner (AC). The evaporator coils absorb the heat and humidity in the air. Condensor coils expel warm air from the home. To peak effectiveness, both coils must be clean. If you don’t have an HVAC maintenance plan, cleaning the condenser coils is a smart idea, but proceed cautiously. We can assist you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. For additional information, call us at (832) 694-1222 from anywhere in Houston, Texas, or email us at

If you don’t have a maintenance plan for your HVAC system. Take a look around a three-foot radius around your condenser as a starting point. Consider relocating or dispose of any plants or trash on any side of the air conditioner unit. They will obstruct the movement of air. Remove anything that is on top of the device as well. Here, too, air escapes from the condenser. After you’ve done that, go ahead and do the following:


  • Turn off or unplug the air conditioner.
  • By hands, remove any significant debris from the condenser coil, such as leaves or sticks.
  • If necessary, detach the grill that covers the condenser and set it aside.
  • To remove dust, lint, and pollen from the fins, use a rough bristles brush such as a coil brush, a natural hairbrush, or an old toothbrush.
  • Brush in the direction the fins are angled while holding the brush sideways. The accumulation will be loosened as a result of this.
  • Put your garden hose to a low setting and spray the backside of the coil by directing the hose through the top vent.
  • Allow the unit to dry naturally.
  • Coil cleaning can be purchased at a home improvement store and sprayed on the condenser.
  • Allow the coil cleaner to evaporate for five minutes.
  • If necessary, replace the grill and re-energize the device.
  • Wear long sleeved shirts, gloves, and a dust mask when brushing out the fins. It’s better not to contact or breathe anything trapped in the coils because you don’t know what’s within.